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Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
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10 Yellow Bananas - 2010 release
'This charming reverse counting rhyme of the teddy bears that are stolen by ten bananas goes hilariously down the number chain, through all the types of fruit. The bears belong to 'nine sleepy pears' who are followed by lemons, apples, watermelons and the rest - right down to one small berry. The ridiculous procession proceeds down the street, risking life and limb as they chase the bananas, until stopped by what could have been a dreadful calamity.' - Dr Virginia Lowe

Bubble Gum Trouble (2009) is a collection of poems for children. Full of bright illustrations and short sharp poems, this is a great book to introduce children to the wonders of poetry. With poems such as "Where's Mum?", "Cats in The Toilet Paper" and "The Two of Us' readers will be giggling away. Easy to read, simple rhymes and cute illustrations all add up to make this a book children will enjoy.'
Reviewed by Go to

Bubble Gum Trouble is a collection of nearly thirty humorous poems for children. The poems cover a wide range of topics that children will identify with and have experience of. This includes poems of everyday life such as smelly socks to baking a cake (and eating it!); poems about childrenís games like marbles, playing on the see-saw and making a billy-cart; and the seasonal celebrations of April Foolsí Day and Halloween. Certain difficulties are not neglected either as shown by the frustration of a budding musician in "Music Lessons". An index or contents page may have been helpful for easier reference. Dee Texidorís digital illustrations are bright and humorous and are well laid out. The use of ample white space makes for a pleasing visual effect.'
Reviewed in Book Buzz Issue 9 June 20091 

Bubble Gum Trouble

'There's a lot to laugh about in Bubble Gum Trouble. Yucky stuff of everyday life, like smelly socks and mouldy drink mugs, and funny stuff, like cats tangled up in toilet paper and underpants!
Then there are the ordinary things that Helen Ross makes comical, like making breakfast and rainy days inside.Bubble Gum Trouble is a great little book of fun poetry for kids of all ages, which has been brought to life with Dee Texidor's 

Reviews by Parents, Teachers &  Children 
Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
'This is a lovely book. I thought it was very funny and I really love the illustrations. This is one of my favourite books.'
Jade, Aged 8 (Mt Gravatt, Qld)
Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
'This is a cool book. Very funny and love the funny illustrations. My favourite is "The Billy Cart" because I also had an accident falling off my bike into the neighbour's flowers.'
Brent, Aged 7 (Coorparoo, Qld)
Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
'Loved it. Thought it very funny. I was laughing out loud. Loved them all but my favourites are "Shadow Friends" and "Where's Mum?"' 
Sarah, Brisbane
Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
'What a lovely book. The illustrations are gorgeous and suit your funny poems. Loved all the poems, particularly, "Cats in the Toilet Paper."'
Jill, Brisbane
Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems
'How gorgeous. My favourite is "One Hundred Indians" probably because I'm a numeracy teacher. Well done!'
Stacey (Teacher), Brisbane
Santa is in our Chimney  2006
'Just thought I would write you and tell you my 4 month old princess loved the Santa story, we read it very slowly so she could take in each illustration (several times) and the last few times she got very excited, legs & arms going all crazy! Gave me immense pleasure to see her so happy, especially as it's her first xmas. Congratulations on such wonderful successful work.
Merry Xmas'
We are Adelle & Ariaelle. Surfers Paradise. Ann/Ormiston.
Santa is in our Chimney
'My three young grandchildren love stories which relate to Santa, Christmas and of course, presents at any time of the year. Santa is in our chimney is a favourite of theirs. I find that as I read the story to them, Helenís emotive words and illustrations work brilliantly to build up the suspense, as the children wonder how Santa is going to get out of his predicament.
The happy ending is clever and unexpected and also very satisfying for the children, who naturally want Santa to survive at all costs!' The grandchildren are: Cooper and Olivia Dinnis aged 3 1/2 and Ellen will be 2 in September [2008].
Santa is in our Chimney
'Helen, I was wondering if we can get your books through a book store? Or is it only through you? I have borrowed it from the library and my 4 year old son loves it and won't let me take it back. Can you please let know how much it is to buy please?'  (name withheld, Australia) 

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