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A Christmas Tail
ISBN: 978-0-9873067-1-5 Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-9873067-0-8 Paperback
ASIN: B00DK999QO Kindle

Available: iTunes stores for iPhone & iPad
Published by Spider Ink Press 2012/2013

Co-authored by Donna Smith and Helen Ross
Illustrated by Aaron Pocock

Melanie, Monty and baby Peter Mouse live in a dollís house called Cherrywood Cottage. The Mouse family are full of excitement as they await the arrival of Santa Paws. However, an unlikely turn of events sets about a hilarious twist to their Christmas festivities.

Find out how Santa Paws loses his trousers.

This enchanting story is brought to life by the exquisite illustrations of Aaron Pocock

Available NOW as ebook, paperback and hardcover on Amazon:


EBOOK ALSO AVAILABLE: iTunes storefor iPhone & iPad

10 Yellow Bananas  

ISBN: 978 1 9210428 98 Paper back 
Author: Helen Ross  Illustrated by Dee Texidor.
Published by Little Steps Publishing 2009.
Released 2010

excerpt ....

Ten yellow bananas
Clutching teddy bears
Race through the doorway
Then nine sleepy pears

The pears try to catch them 
But are a little slow
Then come eight lemons 
Smiling as they go

The lemons bounce along
Running with the pears
Who are chasing the bananas
That took their teddy bears

Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems

ISBN: 978 1 9210429 97      Paperback
Author: Helen Ross  Illustrated by Dee Texidor.
Published by Little Steps Publishing, 2009.    
Suitable for children of all ages. 

Review: Bubble Gum Trouble is a collection of poems for children.  Full of bright illustrations and short sharp poems, this is a great book to introduce children to the wonders of poetry.  With poems such as "Where's Mum?", "Cats in The Toilet Paper" and "The Two of Us" readers will be giggling away. Easy to read, simple rhymes and cute illustrations all add up to make this a book children will enjoy.'  
(reviewed by

Santa Is In Our Chimney

Limited Edition
ISBN: 9780977513512  Paper back  
Author and illustrator: Helen Ross                           
Published  by Helen Ross, 2006


excerpt ....
What was that I heard?
A noise ... now I'm awake
It's coming from the roof top
I must investigate

So I  tiptoe outside quickly
On this early Christmas Day
And look up at our roof
............................ (to be continued)

A child wakes up to a strange sound and goes outside to investigate - to find Santa in the chimney. Engaging verses and bright, full colour illustrations will captivate and delight young children as they turn the pages to find out what happens next.  Can you find Miss Helen hiding in any of the pictures?


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