Giggle Poems


Excerpt  from 10 Yellow Bananas 2009 release....

Ten yellow bananas
Clutching teddy bears
Race through the doorway
Then nine sleepy pears

The pears try to catch them 
But are a little slow
Then come eight lemons 
Smiling as they go

The lemons bounce along
Running with the pears
Who are chasing the bananas
That took their teddy bears


Now, some giggle poems from Bubble Gum Trouble and other giggle poems - suitable for children of all ages.

You will again see some of Dee's lovely illustrations.




Thereís something growing in my cup 
Don't know what it could be
I haven't had a drink from it
For a week or so, you see

I sat it on the kitchen sill 
And forgot I'd put it there
I'm looking at this funny thing 
Now it's growing hair

Oh no! Itís moving 
Yikes! It's starting to grow 
Itís now got an extra spike 
Now I see a toe

Itís such a funny shape 
Green and very thick 
Yuck! Just looking at it 
Really makes me sick

Iím going to be ill
I have to look away
It must go down the drain
Has to be today

I turn the hot tap on
And pour in some detergent 
Getting rid of this thing 
Is becoming rather urgent

I watch it as it bubbles 
In my little cup
The hot water slowly 
Swishes the green thing up

As I rinse my cup
I turn the cold tap on 
And look inside my mug 
Oh good! It now has gone





Ten hairs
On my head
One is black 
Another is red

I pull one out
Ouch, that hurt
The one I pulled
Is the colour of dirt

This one is blonde
And this one is grey
I pull them both
Out of the way

Out goes another 
That one as well
My headís looking better
I can tell

Out goes this black one
And that one there
I really do like 
Looking after my hair

Just a couple more
And this one, thatís all
Letís look in the mirror
Iím feeling rather tall

Oh, what have I done?
I am so appalled
I really canít believe
That now I am bald 



Webster is my teddy
I have known him for so long
My favourite of all my toys
He feels so warm and strong

Webster loves being cuddled
And gives me such a smile
He is always well dressed
Webster has a lot of style

Webster is very smart
And likes to wear bow ties
He thinks he looks distinguished
Webster wouldn't tell me any lies

When I am not at home
He rests on my bed
Or sits on the window sill
And sometimes a chair instead

He accepts me for who I am
Someone on whom I can depend
We'll always be together

Webster is my best friend.  


He softens to my touch 
Just sits there quietly
But does not say too much
He listens to my stories


What's that scurrying about?
It's the sound of tiny paws
The cats are along the hallway
What's that between their claws?

Oh no! It's the toilet paper
That they're dragging behind
Along the wooden hallway
And over the kitchen blind 

There's toilet paper everywhere
They've left nothing bare
The cats have left a trail
While travelling without a care

Now someone is shouting
Oh no! It's my Dad
He's covered in toilet paper
And does look rather mad

Something's moving toward me
Skidding on the floor
It's Hans, our cute puppy
With paper around a paw

The cats have been everywhere
Around light shades and  plants
Toilet paper's handing in cupboards
Around our clothes and underpants

The cats have gone outside
Paper is wrapped around a pole
There seems a lot of paper
Oh no! They've got another roll.

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