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I'm a children's author, and award winning children's poet. I have been writing for nearly 30 years and my writing studies include a Diploma in Writing, and studies in Freelance Journalism and children's picture book writing.

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Please remember that all poems and book excerpts are copyrighted.  As such, please kindly acknowledge my name if you read out my poems to your class or if you make copies for class use.  Also, any copies made need to be included on your CAL (Copyright) records.  Thank you.


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Available in Hardback

and as eBook on iTunes and Amazon Kindle






10 Yellow Bananas
2010 release


Published by 
Little Steps Publishing
Illustrations by
 Dee Texidor




Bubble Gum Trouble and
Other Giggle Poems

Published by
Little Steps Publishing 2009
Illustrations by
Dee Texidor